fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care
pls dont do this to me

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please consider minato and kushina still being alive, and every night even as a teenager naruto and kushina lay in bed telling each other about their missions of the day while they wait for minato to get home from late hokage meetings. 

kenma scribble for his birthday

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: there's only four chapters left of Naruto and I'm honestly so scared that nothing that really, really needs a resolution is going to get one because of Naruto and Sasuke's dick measuring contest and I just need to know all my secondary characters are going to be okay in precise detail

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!!! Exciting!!! wait when’s about is your birthday what is something I can write for you fic wise

niteryde said: when’s yer bday

my birthday is like in 800 years (aka the month of november) it’s so far from now but like..ya..

for my birthday i think i’m buying myself a ticket to go to los angeles, have lunch w me.




there are times i think the english dub of naruto isn’t so bad

then i watch it


there are times I think naruto isn’t so bad-



ginger pls

Anonymous said —
❝ You could maybe possibly doodle Gohan maybe Videl too. Maybe flying or something. ❞

you got it dude

(hello maybe send me doodle prompts)

!!!!!!!!! Are you ok!!!!!!!!!

ya man i’m good. i’m just like… i was in my bed. how did this happen????

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D: hope it gets better soon!


*grabs you by the shoulder* toPH