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Working really hard at work again today

no remember he just wakes up one day realizing it

RIGHT. well this was the purposal. years from now naruto will crash into an important kage meeting and be like ‘are we married??’ and the answer will be absolutely.

does naruto even know? Does he know that they are married? Gaara and all of suna knows, but i am not sure naruto knows- but whatever, he agreed

i’m almost positive knew exactly what gaara was saying. did you see that smile? theyre totally gonna hold hands later

rockingthegraveyard replied to your post: hello as per usual when a chapter come…

I’m pretty sure Gaara just proposed to Naruto and he said yes…yeah that’s what I think just happened.

thats all i heard as well

sonofwhitefang said: The only ship that matters tbh

that’s what i’m sayinnn

hello as per usual when a chapter comes out, i am here to talk to you about gaara.

i just spent so much time doing this  you are all gonna look at the results (well most of the results)

This picture is misleading because it snowed today.

I super can’t draw today so have a shitty doodle from the other day

aww you couldn’t get it fixed? :( are you getting a new one?

it’s been sent away to wacomland to be fixed! i just don’t know when it’ll get back, or if it’ll make the trip back because it had to get sent to washington i think??? i’m just so bored without it lol

when will my tablet return from the war…

rockingthegraveyard replied to your post: does anyone think that big mom is gonn…

I didn’t even think about it till now, now I certainly hope so.

i hope so too!!!! i mean like she said that she was born in the new world and her mom was a pirate. idk. and there is no way that like sanji is strong enough to hold off all of them. nami is gonna save the day 100%.

does anyone think that big mom is gonna be lola’s mom????? please someone talk to me about this