you're so sensitive, i am, i am a machine

purchase a bb dragon if you ask i’ll sell them to you for lots cheaper!

also the adults bb’s are ready to breed if you’reinto that

I was looking through this sketch book, did I post these??

yesterday my old roommate called me and she reminded me that when i started reading naruto i said to her ‘i’m going to start reading this thing, and i hate everyone who reads it but i’m gonna do it anyways’ and just…look at me now.

free scribbles

Time for sasuke’s eyes to serve their only purpose, aka revive neji

It looks cute! I bet if you brushed it out it would make a really nice wavy look

that’s not what it looks like right now, thats from like two new years ago t___t

i failed terribly today.

smackledorfed said —
❝ temari 25!!!! ! !!!! ❞

i think the pressure is off on my pen maybe???


here u go, amanda!! !! 

angry transparent bulma for all ur dragging needs!!!!!!




I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

hey i have some time so i’ll do some palette requests! i will post the results on my art blog and reblog them here, so send me asks(preferably on my main blog :p)

work is slow and I’m bored so……… B) 

use a wand or just wrap your hair around the curling iron! It holds better than if you use the clamp and roll!! My best friend has your exact same hair. We spent a whole day trying to figure out how best to curl it :’D

that’s actually how i curl it!!! it just takes like 8 hours. i also have this machine… that like sucks my hair in but if i don’t do it properly it gets stuck, but it cuts the time in half. but it’s terrifying

my brush was hecked up while doing this idk what happened

i found naruto pop today and i didn’t even have a second thought

please consider a world where rat tails never existed

oR please also consider: a world with ONLY rattails.

i’m listening to this millenium mix on 8 tracks and a song came on i was so excited i almost started crying??? what the fuck is wrong with me