fixin to thrill




Anonymous said —
❝ yes the moose my condolences bruh ❞

it’s okay, my grandma used to make things and you’d be like ‘oh that was pretty good, what was it?’ and she’d be like ‘oh it was bear casserole’ and you’d just watch your life flash before your eyes

Anonymous said —
❝ your fam wtf ❞

what about em???

youre a mean sister

he’s taller than me now so it’s okay.

ladyskyelar replied to your post: i hope everyones family lies to them a…

are you vegetarian? or just not like moose?

nah just feel betrayed by the meat

i hope everyones family lies to them about what the meat they consumed actually was. cause i was just tricked into eating moose agAIN

Hello I’m an adult I made an adult purchase.

AW good i loved it and i want everyone to read it and the baby part was cute as well but i feel you!! do you have any good ones? feel free to share!

lol i feel like i always share this one but it’s called ambassadors i love it beaucoup.

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PLEASE READ ADDICTION it is the best shikatema fic i have ever read its super long and they are SO in character its not even funny (there is smut be warned) its a very well written story i cant stress enough how good addiction is

!!!! i believe i read most of that until the baby part if i’m thinking correctly and it was good! 

can someone just go through all the shikatema fanfic for me and hand select the good ones so i don’t have to go through all the terrible ones please

One punch man (also the original webcomic version)

confession: when i first heard that title i thought everyone was making reference to that jersey shore episode when ronnie punched that guy and was like ‘that was ONE SHOT, THAT WAS ONE SHOT KID’ 

but i may be the only trash here that watched the first two seasons of that show…

have u watched gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun?? it’s super cute

i have and i read…it….yaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said —
❝ I was just wondering, cause I'm a demisexual and sometimes I get the 'that's not a real sexuality' treatment. :/ ❞

i feel you friend.

i usually just don’t tell people anything, people say shit like ‘you just haven’t found the right person yet’ or whatever. which like, it’s a nice thought. but it’s annoying. luckily i’ve always been in a group of friends who’ve never really pried into each others personal relationships so this doesn’t happen too frequently. 

but i understand that feeling and hopefully it doesn’t get you down too much because it’s not really anyone else’s business anyways.